TEMUN(Tsukuba English Model United Nations)が開催されました

TEMUN (Tsukuba English Model United Nations), an exciting event held during December 1, 2017 for welcoming delegates and distinguished guests at the University Hall.
December 2-3, 2017 to Kick off Agenda, Committees and Guest Speakers at the Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences Area, University of Tsukuba.
Professor Kida from University of Tsukuba is the organizer of TEMUN along with his team, dedicated their time and efforts of this wonderful event last 6 years in a row. In this year, food production, SDG goals and climate change are addressed.

The guest speakers:
1. Dr. Mbuli Charles Boliko from FAO, Japan office, focused on the role of FAO to achieve the SDG.
2. Prof. Masahito Yoshida from World Heritage Studies, University of Tsukuba discussed on Food and Landscape: what we can see in natural and cultural heritage related to Satoyama.
3. Dr. Mito Kokawa from Bio-industrial Science Division, University of Tsukuba introduced the importance of food logistics and food processing from “Farm to Table” to the young delegates representatives of different countries under United Nations.
4. Dr. Tofael Ahamed from Appropriate Technology and Sciences for Sustainable Development Division, University of Tsukuba discussed on climate change, risk of floods-droughts to crop production and acquisition risk before harvesting have highlighted for Asia-Pacific context.

To ensure food security and saving the crops from damages, satellite-based early warning systems have presented for land evaluations, flood-drought risk area identification and sensors-based systems for crop production. The symposium continued to report of word food production by different committees under the faculty advising.