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Faculty Members

Updated: March, 2017

Course of Biological Sciences for Agriculture and ForestryCourse of Advanced Life Sciences
Course of Environmental EngineeringCourse of Agriculture and Forestry Social Sciences

Course of Biological Sciences for Agriculture and Forestry(農林生物学コース)
Sachio MARUYAMA Research on crop cultivation without any influence by environmental changes rice, physiological ecology, environmental tolerance
Hisayoshi HAYASHI Building and evaluating stainable crop production systems paddy field, field crop, environmental load, productivity, regional crop resources
Morio KATO Analysis of yield and quality of rice with high yield and low-cost cultivation rice, forage rice, yield, quality
Koji NOMURA Molecular and cellular biology on totipotency of higher plants cell nucleus, totipotency
Ryo OHSAWA Development of breeding methods for outcrossing crops, environmental risk assessment of the genetically modified crop breeding methods, QTL analysis, pollination biology, Brassica crops, buckwheat, primurose
Yousuke YOSHIOKA Development of breeding techniques and materials for horticultural crops breeding methods, genetic resource, Cucurbitaceae
Takashi HARA Development of breeding methods and techniques for quantitative trait of allogamous crops breeding of allogamous crop、population genetics, buckwheat
Hiroshi EZURA Research of development, analysis and environment assessment of the genetically modified plant genetic modification, functionality matter production, applied genome science
Naoya FUKUDA Research of growth control of horticultural crop with environmental control growth control by light, nutriculture, environmental response physiology/ discover the molecular machinery
Chiaki MATSUKURA Development of tomato which is delicious, nutritious and high yield tomato, sugar and amino-acid metabolism, yield
Seung Won KANG Physiology and molecular biology of horticultural plants floriculutre, horticulture, secondary metabolite, genetic modification
Satoko NONAKA Research of plan transformation technology agrobacterium, plan transformation technology, plant-microbe interaction
Toru ARIIZUMI Isolate DNA which controls important fruit character by tomato mutant tomato, fruit, DNA
Yoshihiro OKABE Study on regulation of fruit ripening and fruit shelf life by using tomato mutants tomato, fruit ripening, fruit shelf life
Sumiko SUGAYA Approach to the mechanisms of physiological phenomena of fruits and fruit trees to improve fruit production fruits maturity, coloring, global warming
Yoshihiko SEKOZAWA Plant gets weaker or stronger with coldness deciduous fruit tree, climate change adaptation to environment
Atsushi TAJIMA Conservation of animal genetic resource/ Mapping of nuclear cell transfer chicken aves, conservation of genetic resource, primordial germ cell
Naoto ISHIKAWA Formulation of agro-remediation system in the deserted land animal nutrition, grassland science, antidesertification/ restoration
Atsushi ASANO Molecular and cellular basis of fertilization and embryonic development in domestic animals Germ cells, iPS cells, Conservation of animal genetic resource, Animal production
Yooichi KAINOH Behavioral and chemical ecological aspects of insect parasitoids insect behavior, biological control, natural enemy, tritrophic interaction
DeMar TAYLOR Physiological research on vectors of disease reproductive mechanisms, natural immunity, environmental stress, vector competence
Seiichi FURUKAWA Insect immune system and interaction with parasitoids insect, parasitoid immunity
Natsuko KINOSHITA Chemical Ecology ? dissecting inter-organismal communication plant molecular biology, plant physiology, chemical ecology
Yuichi YAMAOKA Relationships between parasitic fungus and other organisms blue stain fungus, rust fungi, pathogenic race
Izumi OKANE Let's approach plant pathogenic and decomposing fungi from different viewpoints. endophyte, rust fungus, biological interaction
Junichi Peter ABE Ecology and use of mycorrhizal fungi which promote the growth of plants mycorrhizal symbiosis, biology of mycorrhizal fungi, plant parasitic mycology
Yasuhiro ISHIGA Molecular plant-microbe interactions plant immunity, phytopathogen, molecular biology, food security
Yoshihiko TSUMURA Genetic diversity, differenatiation and local adaptation of forest tree species forest tree, population genetics, molecular ecology
Takashi KAMIJO Ecological interractions among forest vegetation, soils and animals, and restoration of forest ecosystem forest ecology, forestry ecosystem, vegetation science, vegetation management, ecology of bats
Masahiro FUJIOKA Conservation of biodiversity and wildlife management in agriculture and forestry ecosystems wildlife, agriculture and forestry ecosystem, biodiversity
Tatsuyuki SEINO Mechamism of species and functional diversity of forest ecosystem tree architectute, stand dynamics and regeneration, ecophysiology
Seishi KADOWAKI Biological research of animal and conservation of Agriculture and forestry ecosystem vertebrate, agriculture and forestry, conservation
Kiyokazu KAWADA Plant resource use and ecosystem management in semi-arid land wild plant resource, seed diversity, desertification
Hiroko ISODA Function analysis of food resource by various bioassay food resource, bioassay, function analysis
Myra Orlina VILLAREAL Analysis of food/bioresources functionality using mammalian cell-based bioassays food/bioresource; mammalian cell technology; cancer research
Miyako KUSANO Comprehensive understanding of biological phenomena at a systems level in metabolic networks metabolomics, omics approaches, network biology
Ning WANG Genetic analysis of agronomically important traits in horticultural crops. molecular genetics, tomato, post-harvest
Hiroshi SHIBA Characterization of epigenetic regulation of genes associated with agronomic trait development epigenetics, omics, plant molecular biology

Course of Advanced Life Sciences(応用生命化学コース)
Kenji Tamura Research of pedosphere which protects the global environment Global warming, desertification, soil environment
Maki Asano
Keiko Yamaji Plant and rhizosphere microorganism chemical interaction Plant, secondary metabolite, rhizosphere microorganism
Hideyuki Shigemori Elucidation of mysterious life and biological phenomena in nature by bioactive substances natural product, life and biological phenomena, bioactive substances
Kaori Tomita-Yokotani The voice of organism through unknown chemical material allelopathy,informatization of functional molecule, usage of space environment
Kosumi Yamada Elucidation of the biological phenomenon and apply it to the agriculture Plant hormone, biologically active agent, environment response
Yukari Sunohara Various responses to physiologically active substances and oxidative stress in plants Allelochemical, herbicide, oxidative stress, plant growth regulator, plant hormone, weed control
Shigeki Yoshida Discover new food function and create new food Food materials, Functional food, enzyme application
Shigeru Matsuyama Explorations into the relationships between the development of insect sociality and the chemical communications among the social individuals. semiochemicals, chemical ecology, pheromone
Tadashi Baba Molecular and Cellular Biology of Reproduction Gametogenesis, Fertilization, Early Embryonic Development
Shin-ichi Kashiwabara RNA regulation in cell differentiation and development RNA, posttranscriptional control, translation
Yoshinori Kanemori Research of reproduction science which supports your life development, reproduction, stem cell
Misuzu Yamashita
Akiyoshi Fukamizu Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of gene transcription, nutrition, and metabolism genetics and epigenetics
Kouichiro Kakou Chemical biology of low-molecular substance related to disease and aging adult disease, life span, model organism
Hiroaki Daitoku Gene machines which determines life span Transcription factor, protein modification, gene expression, life span
Junji Ishida Regulatory role of receptor-mediated signaling and protein arginine methylation on health and disease Cardiovascular, pregnancy, development, epigenetics, genetically modified mouse
Keiko Hirota Regulation of lifespan using nematode lifespan, nutrition, nematode
Keiji Kimura Unravel the higher-order structure of chromosome and gene expression control chromatin, chromosome, condensin
Hitoshi Miyazaki Prevention and improvement of metabolic syndrome and stress-induced sterility of human and livestock using food-derived functional compounds Food function, metabolic syndrome, sterility
Osamu Negishi Flavour research biosynthesis of vanillin, enzymatic deodorization, taste active compounds
Yoko Nagumo Screening and Analysis of usefull bioactive compounds, Elucidation of the mechanisms of action for their application vital phenomenon, cultivated cell, analysis of mechanism of action
Toshiaki Nakajima-Kambe Screening, breeding and industrial application of microorganisms applied microbiology, metagenomics, bio-plastic, fermentation
Nobuhiko Nomura molecular biology, environmental microorganism engineering microorganism, biofilm, cell to cell communication
Shinichi Utada
Biological physics/Chemical physics/Soft matter physics Biofilm, Complex Fluids, Microfluidics, Surface Motility
Nozomu Obana    
Shunsuke Masuo    
Takayuki Hoshino Applied microbiology of aquatic environments probiotics, lactic acid bacteria, carp culture, microbial fuel cell
Akira Nakamura Exploring the wonder of life using microorganism molecular breeding of extreme thermophilic bacteria, analysis of gene function of bacteria, analysis of homochirality in sugar metabolism
Naoki Takaya Metabolisms of filamentous fungus and biorefinery fungal genes, applied microbe, biopolymer
Yoshiteru Hashimoto Screening, analysis and development of new function of miroorganisms and enzymes applied microbiology, enzyme, metabolism
Bei-Wen Ying Survival strategies of living systems growth dynamics, adaptation, gene expression, experimental evolution, genome, transcriptome, biological fluctuation
Hideki Aoyagi Development of useful material production system using cell and protoplast compound biological systems, nano technology, medicinal drug, nano bubble, cell culture, detox food
Seigo Sato Discover the effect of electromagnetic wave electromagnetic ray, bioreactor, high-density culture
Sousaku Ichikawa Development of Nano-microbio technology Bio-reaction system, enzyme reaction,
Nakao Nomura Make use of the biotechnology for the international contributions biodiesel, aqua farming, international contribution
Kazuyoshi Ogawa Formulation of biomimetic function using self-assembly of molecules bio-mimicry, self-assembly, intermacromolecular interaction
Akihiko Shimada Elucidation of the enigma of origins of life Enantioselectivity, D-amino acids, Responsive microcapsule
Kimu Jundaru Control mechanism of periplast phospholipid metabolism periplast, phospholipid metabolism,

Course of Environmental Engineering(環境工学コース)
Yasuhisa ADACHI Colloid and interface in soil and water colloid, rheology
Atsushi ISHII I think the preferred method of development, conservation and management of water resources and agricultural land water use planning, land use planning, orrigation management
Taiichi ITO Imagin the future of nature conservation by experienceing diverse protected areas including small gardens to huge national parks like world heritage sites! Wildland, Recreation, Planninng/Management
Motoo UTSUMI Study on the relationship between global environment and microbes aquatic ecology, marine microorganisms
Toshiharu ENOMAE Paper-based eco-friendly devices applied to environmental, medical, and food areas paper device, paper cultural heritage
Hiroshi OI Let's study chemical usage of woods and pulp and paper production cellulose
Eiichi OBATAYA Development of wood-based materials making the best of fine structure of the wood cell wall wood, musical instruments, interior designing
Mikio KAJIYAMA Create novel materials with hetero atoms polymer synthesis, molecular interaction
Yutaka KITAMURA Helthy food for eco-energy for machine agri-food processing, biomass conversion, local resource, incorporated agriculture
Takuma GENKAWA Optimization of postharvest processes by spectroscopy near-infrared spectroscopy, agricultural processing facilities
Motoyoshi KOBAYASHI The development of "environmental and colloidal engineering" for the sustainability of soil and water environments soil and water environments, aggregation and dispersion
Keisuke SAKATA Wildland planning and wildlife management wildlife protection act, wildlife control
Tomihiro TAKIGAWA Inteligence system development that can be applied to biological production robot, farm work plan
Zhenya ZHANG Development of high efficient conversion and recycling technologies for organic wastes waste, recycling
Tofael AHAMED Autonomous agricultural machinery and sensing of biomass and crop local field spraying, variable spraying
Akiko NAKAGAWA-IZUMI Chemical characterization for the utilization of bioresources lignin, wood preservation
Mitsutoshi NAKAJIMA Food nanotechnology, formulation of high functional foods based on advanced food engineering food processing, lipid emulsion and dispersion
Kenlo NISHIDA NASAHARA Let's monitor global environment by satelites! remote sensing
Ryozo NOGUCHI Study on the utilization systems of bioresources and energy to contribute both environment and economy biomass, system analysis, agricultural machinery
Yoshiro HIGANO I want to achive harmony between man and nature activities comphrehensive evaluation, environmental policy
Marcos Antonio das NEVES Development of advanced processing technology for the effective use of biological resources based on micro-/nano-engineering functional foods, unused food resources
TAKESHI MIZUNOYA Design of optimal environmental policy based on the co-benefit approach comprehensive evaluation, numerical simulation, environmenta-economic benefit
Kuniaki MIYAMOTO Integrated management of watershed watershed management, disaster prevention
Yosuke YAMAKAWA Study of hydrological processes in mountain watersheds groundwater, geophysical methods, landslide
Yuji YAMASHITA Colloid facilitated transportation, colloidal aspects of humicsubstances colloid
Yingnan YANG Environmental cleanup and high eficiency of bioenegy production bioreactor, photocatalyst
Zhongfang LEI Development of new technologies for wastewater treatment and resource recovery wastewater treatment, ecological engineering

Course of Agriculture and Forestry Social Sciences(社会経済学コース)
Ryuichi Shigeno Economic analysis of food consumption food demand, food system, agri business
Hisato Shuto Analysis of food security problem, Trade structure analysis food security, development economics
Shusuke Matsushita Development of "Decision Support System" for farm management agency Decision support system, Farm management, Resources development
Analysis of risk management and consumers’ behavior on agricultural products and food Risk management, Consumers’ behavior, Resources development
Ruriko Nohguchi Farm management of the advanced farmers and agricultural corporations agricultural corporation, farm management strategy
Kiyokazu Ujiie Consumer evaluation of food food consumption analysis, food safety, consumer altruism
Morihiro Kato The early modern, modern and current history of Japanese agriculture and rural community .Study on reconstruction of the rural community.
agricultural history, rural community
Noriko Yuzawa Research of rural area and economic development, Research of local society life history, local society, family-owned business
Misa Masuda Natural resource administration and management in developing countries Tropical forests, aquatic resources, land system, policy and planning
Satoshi Tachibana Sustainable Forest Management and Wood Utilization planted forest, trade and demand-supply of forest products, forest industry, housing market
Kazuhito Shiga Forest corporate organization and forest management system local forest management, forest associated organization, forest environmental policy
Katsuhisa Kohroki I'm traveling everywhere to meet people in forest industry family forestry business, forestry business, forestry workers






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